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What is the ROC Plotter?

      The ROC plotter is capable to link gene expression and response to therapy using transcriptome-level data of 3,104 breast cancer patients and 2,369 ovarian cancer patients.


What is a biomarker?

      A biomarker can be either predictive or prognostic. A predictive marker predicts benefit from a specific treatment; it helps to select a particular treatment over another. A prognostic marker predicts the natural history of disease (survival), independent of treatment. It can indicate a need for further treatment, but does not help to determine which treatment. The ROC Plotter is the first online transcriptome-level validation tool for predictive biomarkers.


What is the ROC Plotter useful for:


Which genes can I use?

      ROC plotter recognizes 70,632 gene symbols including HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee approved official gene symbols, previous symbols, and aliases. All these are listed in the results page. As the different names can overlap, we recommend to cross-check the identity of the selected gene.


What is the JetSet probe?

      JetSet is a tool to select the optimal microarray probe set to represent a gene. More info on the JetSet homepage.


How to cite

      Fekete J, Gyorffy B: Validating predictive biomarkers of chemotherapy/hormonal therapy/anti-HER2 therapy using transcriptomic data of 3,104 breast cancer patients, Int J Cancer, 145: 3140–3151 (2019) (link to article)


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